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 CA Bot v4 WORKS!

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PostSubject: CA Bot v4 WORKS!   Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:28 pm

Here is a new Combat Arms bot! What this bot does is play games for you so you can leave it on over night and get TONS of exp and gp!


1) Extract the zip anywhere you like
2) Run ACTool.exe, press File>Open>CA LevelBot v4.4.mac (see other options below)
3) Log onto Combat Arms and pick a server/channel to bot (but don't join a game!)
4) Alt-TAB back to the ACTool and click Macro>>Start Macro
5) The bot will begin, now do whatever you want, while still earning EXP and GP!

OTHER OPTIONS (Optional things you can change) [1=ON:2=OFF]

Throw = 0 *Throw grenades~~Fire key must be on "k" instead of mouse click
Run = 1 *Run around sometimes
Run Distance = 15 *the amount of distance you run around for (15 is default)
One Man Army = 1 *If you want to play one man army rounds
Advertise = 0 *turn on to enable advertising
Message = best site ever! *this is your advertising message

WARNING: It doesnt increase your kill. It will only increase your death record and gives you EXP and GP. If you dont want your recorder to be bad than dont use it.
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Cookie Doa
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PostSubject: Re: CA Bot v4 WORKS!   Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:59 pm

I cant get it to work is so confusing
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CA Bot v4 WORKS!
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