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 <<Anyone Can Drift>>

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PostSubject: <<Anyone Can Drift>>   Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:11 am

My Videos:
Pyramid Mesa 1.55.74, Practice Kart
Optimized drift, double drift, link drift, wrong drift
Link drift show, 5 times in 11
Hidden Place in the Map (monastery, pyramid meda, freeway)

Others' videos:
oRASENo Freeway 2.23.24, Practice Kart
oRASENo Zigzag 3.00.85 Practice Kart
Pyramid Mesa 1.53.29, Solid E2, XiaoFeng
Sprits' Tutorial (finger movement overview) (1. optimized drift, 2. u turn, 3. cutting drift, 4. 2 kinds of double drift, link drift, 5. multiple drift)
14 Skills of Kartrider by wEplay (1.shaking 2.instant turning 3.normal drift 4.optimized drift 5.double drift drift 7.harvest drift 8.slip drift 9.sweeping drift 10.cutting drift 11.use n2o during cutting drift 12.mirror drift 13.cutting double drift 14.multiple drift)

Hi all, my name is Ivan, my game ID is "wala"
I'm a Chinese player. I've played this game for more than 1 year
I'm not a pro. But I can do most skills well.
I'm here to teach you guys some basic techs to make you improve faster
My English is not that good, so maybe there are some misnomers, Ch-English,
Please don't mind, and point it out to me

1. Basic Operation
4 groups of direction key: WSAD, IKJL, up down left right, 8246
4 groups of drift and item key: left Ctrl and Shift, right Ctrl and Shift, z and x, . and /
2 Alt: item shift
F5: ready, start
F4: save the screen as a jpg file
Shift+F4: save the screen as a png file. This action will cause a short idle to your PC, it is used to go through a player blocker who wants to hit you, or used to go through a banana skin (I wonder if this still works now)
The pictures are saved at: My Documents\KartRider\ScreenShot
Files in My Documents\KartRider\RiderData are your time attack records
F7: game sound
F8: game music
F11: full screen/windows
R: reset, used to get back on the right position more quickly, and used in item games for more functions
Alt+F4: close the game
You can play kartrider with joystick, just install a software called "joytokey"
Play Kartrider with Joystick

2. Keyboard Delay
If you feel keyboard delay, try the following method:
(1) Change your keyboard
(2) Switch to windows mode
(3) Try some other display drivers (especially ATI display hardware)
(4) Use only places on the back of the PC instead of the front ones (USB keyboard)

3. Countdown Fire Eruption
When the game begins, at the countdown, 3, 2, 1, START!
Push the up button at the "START", then u got a eruption

4. Shaking Your Head
When at the countdown eruption, and driving during the race, shake you body
It will make you a lit bit faster. But don't shake too hard......
At the start up, it can help you to bump into the racer beside you, and make you get the advance
Chapter 3 & 4 by rasen

5. Basic Drift
Medium right turn:
(1) Press down the right key and hold
(2) Press down the shift key and lift it up VERY QUICKLY
(3) after that, Lift up the right key, and press down the left key IMMEDIATELY and hold (pull back the drifting kart)
(4) Lift up the left key AS SOON AS your kart stop drifting
(5) Lift up the up key and press down VERY QUICKLY, you'll get a fire eruption
btw, as u can c, the shift key is pushed for A VERY VERY SHORT TIME, like u give the key a STRIKE

6. Optimized Drift
When doing a basic drift at a medium turn, if you do the steps very well, hit the shift key for really short time, pull back very soon, take the fire eruption by loosing the up key for a really short time, and drift very close to the wall, and do the drift the closest way, you will have a speed more than 140 with a practice kart. That would be a optimized drift. But there is no optimized drift at a U turn, or a turn more than 90 degree, because you must push the shift for a while.
Chapter 6 by rasen
Chapter 6 by taki
Chapter 6 by wEplay
Chapter 6 (finger movement overview) by dqd

7. U Turn
Just the same step as above, but u should press the shift key a lit bit longer, press it down until the turn is over
Chapter 5 & 7 by rasen
Do Nice Drift At Different Kinds of Turns by wEplay

8. Short Drift
Strike both the shift key and one direction key for a short time
It can earn a lil bit N2O, often used when u almost have a N2O filled

9. Cutting Drift
This tech is used on the straight road, or a easy turn
It has an extra step during the normal drift
At the end of step 3, when the kart is DRIFTING, and when u r holding the left key, give the shift key a strike. The kart will stop the drifting more quickly than before, and the direction of your kart will change, you should try and feel it yourself

Chapter 9 by taki
Chapter 9 (finger movement overview) by dqd
Chapter 8 & 9 by rasen

10. Right Thing to Do
It's better to use a N2O at a uphill
It's better to do a drift at a downhill, especially a cutting drift at a downhill on a straight road
Chapter 10 by rasen

11. Get More N2O
(1) Press and hold the direction key a lit bit longer before you drift
(2) Take a short drift right before you drift, it's called:
Harvest Drift:
Harvest drift = short drift + other drift
It's widely used with SR karts
Harvest Drift by dqd
(3) Drift at downhills
(4) Drift at edges
Get More N2O part 1 by dqd
(5) Drift at special place
Get More N2O part 2 by dqd

12. Close to the wall
(1) Turn before u drift
Turn Before You Drift by dqd
(2) Enter the turn from outside
A nice drift is like: outside, inside, outside
(3) Drive and drift the closest way
Drift the Closest Way by dqd

13. About N2O & Channels
Drifts bring N2O.
If you hit the wall during the drift, you won't get N2O.
If you hit other players during the drift, you will get the N2O, but you can't make the fire eruption.
Kart speed: L1 > L2 > L3 > R
N2O obtained: R > L3 > L2 > L1, but it's slight because faster speed brings more N2O and lighten the gap

14. Team N2O
team N2O = sum of all teammates' N2O / number of teammates / 2
When team N2O fills, all teammates' CURRENT FILLED N2Os will change into blue ones
Btw, when u are doing a drift, and u get some N2O that more than it needs to fill the current N2O, some N2O will be wasted. But the wasted N2O does count into the team N2O.
When team N2O fills, it has a tiny delay before your N2O starts to change blue.
It takes about 1 second for the N2O to complete changing blue.
If your current drift is gonna make both your N2O and team N2O filled, you will have yours filled and then changed blue. But you can use your red N2O in the first place during the delay before it starts to change.
Network performance has influence to the blue N2O changing delay.

15. Double Drift
An advanced skill to u at this time
Medium right turn:
(1) Press down the right key and hold
(2) Press down the shift key and lift it up VERY QUICKLY (first drift)
(3) Lift up the right key, and press down the left key IMMEDIATELY and hold (pull back the drifting kart)
(4) Lift up the left key AS SOON AS your kart stop drifting
(5) AS SOON AS the kart stop the first drifting, lift up the up key, and strike both the shift key and the right key at the same time (second drift)
(6) Press both the up key and the left key IMMEDIATELY (first fire eruption and the second pulling back)
(7) Lift up the up key and press again (second eruption)
It's like: drift, drift, fire, fire
During step 5, when striking the shift key and the right key, make sure u strike the right key BEFORE the shift key, then lift them up together. But these all happen in a short time. It makes every drift short
If u do it well, u will see the two fire looks like a long one

Chapter 15 by taki
Chapter 15 (finger movement overview) by dqd

16. Multiple Drift
Repeat step 5 and 6, you got a triple drift or a multiple drift
Before every drift in the steps, make sure u don't begin the next drift until the last one is over. Otherwise you'll have a slip.
It's like: drift, drift, fire, drift, fire, …, drift, fire, drift, fire, fire
During step 6, when press both the up key and the left key, there are 2 ways: (1) press up first then the left, (2) press them together, or even press left first
(1) is usually used at a long medium turn
Chapter 16 Multiple drift type 1 by taki
Chapter 16 Multiple drift type 1 (finger movement overview) by dqd
(2) is usually used at a long easy turn. Or sometimes used when u are doing a multiple drift at a turn, and you get too close to the wall that you will hit the wall soon if you keep doing the multiple drift. Even you can press the left key first to avoid hitting the wall
Chapter 16 Multiple drift type 2 by taki
Chapter 16 Multiple drift type 2 (finger movement overview) by dqd
Triple Drift & Quadruple Drift by taki
Multiple drift Tutorial (finger movement overview)

NOTICE: Both double drift, triple drift or a multiple drift needs lots of training and a steady base of your skill. So you should learn the basic drift and the cutting drift FIRST!

17. Sweeping Drift
Do the multiple drift with N2O on. But don't let go the up key.
This skill can earn plenty N2O. But slow karts has a low speed while doing this.
So it's barely used with slow karts, but it's widely used with SR karts.
Sweeping Drift by pengpeng

18. Falling Behind Extra Power
When falling behind in a game, you'll get a extra power, you get a lit bit faster than normal
The more you fall behind, the more extra power you'll get
This system will make the race more exciting
But this doesn't happen in a time attack. So the record in time attack mode is your exact record.
To make use of this: drift when u r behind, use N2O when u r ahead
Use Falling Behind Extra Power by dqd

19. Karts Performance & Update Order
Practice kart
PT(N2O time length slightly increased, N2O obtained slightly reduced), FT (N2O time length slightly reduced, N2O obtained slightly increased)
SIX, PXT (N2O 5 seconds, team N2O 5.3 seconds, N2O obtained * 2/3), FXT(N2O 2 seconds, team N2O 3.2 seconds, N2O obtained * 2, 3 N2O slots)
SR (sixth revolution: front light, transforms when N2O is on, great N2O power)
Motor SR (SR characteristic, N2O obtained * 1.5)

PS: Normal Karts: N2O 3 seconds, team N2O 4.5 secons

20. Instant Turning
(1) After a drift, do the fire eruption with left key or right key pressed, the kart will turn instantly
(2) Do a short drift to turn instantly
(3) Press left or right and the shift key for a while to pull back the kart to the right direction (often used when u get hit). It's like a hard cutting drift.
(4) If u get hit so badly, u should use mirror drift
Instant Turning by dqd

21. battle skills
Battle skills require a lot of experience.
(1) Enter the turn from outside to prevent being hit
Enter the Turn From Outside by dqd
(2) Keep yourself between others when there're lots of players around
Keep Yourself Between Others by dqd
(3) Choose a better course
do that and u can get: a closer way, a safer way
Course Choosing by dqd
(4) Be flexible
sometimes u need to change the orignal plan of about when u drift and when to use N2O in battles
Be Flexible by dqd
(5) Blocking
block players behind you, and keep ahead
Blocking by dqd
(6) Stop Drifting Faster
How to Stop Drifting by dqd
(7) Fill the N2O according to the orignal plan
sometimes u failed to earn enought N2O according to the plan, then u should fix this, fill it up and get back to the plan. 3 ways: harvest drift, double drift, short drift
Fill the Almost-filled N2O by dqd

22. Link Drift
When u do the first kind of double drift (type 2), if you do it very very well, you will just hear one fire, not two sound, just one long sound.
Link drift can also happen at the end of the multiple drift
It's just a lil bit faster than nice double drift. So it's not very important, nice double drift will be enough.
Also the drift sound, can link like one. Just sounds like a slip. But actually two drifts. Because you get the N2O 2 times, not like a slip.
Chapter 22 by taki

23. Another Kind of Double, Triple, Multiple Drift
It's different from the first kind at step 5 and 6
Medium right turn, double drift:
(5) AS SOON AS the kart stop the first drifting, lift up the up key, and strike all the up key, shift key and the right key at the same time and hold the up key (second drift and the first fire eruption at the same time)
(6) Press the left key IMMEDIATELY (the second pulling back)
(7) Lift up the up key and press again (second eruption)
It's like: drift, fire, drift, fire
And the multiple drift: drift, fire, drift, fire, drift, fire, …, drift, fire,
This kind of multiple drift is less popular, few people use it. But if you do it well, it also has a high performance. But it's harder to practice and do well. And it's difficult to adjust direction while doing a multiple drift.
As far as I know, there is no link drift in this kind of double, triple, multiple drift
Chapter 16 & 23 by rasen
Chapter 23

24. Mirror Drift
used at:
(1) fast recover when u get hit and rotated more than 90 degress (important)
Mirror Drift When U Get Hit by dqd
(2) in item game, shot the guy behind u
(3) do it for fun, or for a show
Mirror Drift Show
Mirror Drift Tutorial by dqd

25. Slip Drift
On ice only. No N2O.
But u can do it after the drift.
Slip drift (on ice only) by taki

There're plenty skills in this game, I'll show some next time.
And I'll find some videos to help you understand.
This guide will be updated later

If you have any problems, just REPLY here
I will answer them sooner or later

This is a awesome game, lots of skills, excitement, team play in it
The cartoon is funny, the race was exciting, the drift is lifelike, ...
I appreciate Korean guys develop this game, you will also find out sometime

And, i would love to make friends with you guys so that we can chat sometime
Not just talk about the game, but anything, so i can make friends and practice my English


Wanna be a Kartrider PRO? Check this out: << Anyone Can Drift >>
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<<Anyone Can Drift>>
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