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 A call for help! Anyone

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PostSubject: A call for help! Anyone   Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:40 am

Hey guys well things are not looking so great for my girl . Man we have been making leaps in bounds in our relationship and finesse training everything is just going like heaven. But her ears are still going down down down. Here is her story in a nutshell

End of July- She started rubbing and shaking her head.. called vet told us to put Campho-phenique in each ear so we did that

August- Ears were not better so we got the vet out.. he discovered a tick removed it and injected her with 3X ivermectin in the bloodstream and shot mineral oil/betadine in each ear

September- Ears still not good had the vet out again. Couldn't detect any ticks or irratation, so put her on steroids for allergies to boost her immume system

October- Steroids are over and did nothing! She still scratches , rubs , shakes , and will nto let me even hardly put the halter on without a fuss. Her ears no longer drain and look fine inside. Its like a horrible battle that's stopping all of our progress. The vet is coming out saturday for vacs. so I'll ask him again I don't know what to do.

I feel just horrible for my girl , she has snot out her nose and her ears are constantly bothering her. Her ears have improved on the outside she doesn't rub them raw and there isn't discharge but its just terrible. And i just feel horrible for her.

anyone have any ideas to tell the vet.. anyone ever been through this

we are desperate for help.
I'd love this to end.
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A call for help! Anyone
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